Our Association : Who are We?

Already in 1985 quilt teachers of that period came together, in meetings initiated by Nicky De Smedt. But it took until April 24, 1989 before the official foundation of the Belgian Quilters Association took place. Griet Knops became the first president.

Our logo was the result of a design contest, organized in October 1989 and won by Nicky De Smedt.

The members at that time were all Flemish, with Dutch as mother tongue. Two years later a French speaking group decided to join the Association and in this way the bilingual Belgian Quilters Association was established. The French name, which was chosen, was "Association Belge du Patchwork"

The first national exhibition took place on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of our Association, at Hélécine (near Tienen) in October 1994. Approximately 3000 visitors attended. Here Griet Knops said goodbye as president, but she still stays very active behind the scene. Tilly Balis was her successor from 1994 till 1996. 
We held our second national exhibition in Brugge in October 1996 with about 5000 visitors. Since then, Lutgard Gerber-Billiau is president.

In the meantime a National Quilt Day has been organized every year, each time in a different province. The gaining success resulted in a new name since 1997 National Patchwork Happening and a whole weekend of patchwork fun. In October 1997, this event took place in Tongeren, Namur, Turnhout, Roeselare, Enghien/Edingen, Berlare, Genk and Bertrix..

On the occasion of our 10th anniversary , we organised in 1999, the 3rd National Quilt Exhibition in Oud-Heverlee (near Leuven) i.e. where the Belgian Patchwork Association started. In 2001, the 4th National Quilt Exhibition took place in Liège. 
Our 15 th anniversary was celebrated in 2004 in Leuven and 20 years Belgian Quilters Association in 2009 in Enghien.

End 2005 after 9 years Lutgard leaves her duties as president to Anne Lenaerts.  In 2015 Maryvonne Jans follows in the latter's footsteps.
Our yearly National Patchwork Happening takes place in october in Enghien.

The association now has about 1300 members.

The President,
Maryvonne Jans